Without fans, short leash pressing: there really weren't such Olympic Games yet

Without fans, short leash pressing: there really weren’t such Olympic Games yet

We want to take the message of hope, not destroy Japan. We are paying for the mistakes of the Japanese government, as vaccination is still low, but we are getting to the vaccines. The Japanese people should not view us as enemies of the coronavirus.” announce Gianni Merlo, president of the International Association of Sports Journalists (AIPS), has spoken on behalf of his organization against rules that make it difficult for staff and reporters traveling to Japan to attend the Olympics. Major US media outlets – including the Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today – sent a letter of protest to the organizing committee over the restrictions.

One of the main reasons for hosting the Olympics (besides the sporting professional importance of course) was to “save” television revenue from royalties, with 73 percent of the IOC’s revenue coming from the sale of broadcasting rights for the previous five Games. Ring cycle.

In the absence of an audience for the Tokyo Olympics, it will be an all-TV event, but even broadcasting companies will face great difficulties.

TV Olympiad

The 1964 Olympic Games, also held in Tokyo, were the Olympics of the era: they were the first five-ring event to be watched around the world by those seated in front of televisions. Although Olympic television broadcasting began as early as 1936, technological advances did not allow the games to be broadcast around the world via satellite until 1964. This was the first time that the pentathlon was broadcast on NBC. C in the United States. The US channel acquired the broadcast rights for $1.5 million — the first time a media partner has paid more than $1 million for an Olympic broadcast right — and set 14 hours of “five-episode action” into the show in 15 days.

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