Within ten days, ten thousand Budapest residents will be tested by the capital's local government

Within ten days, ten thousand Budapest residents will be tested by the capital’s local government

Hungary’s largest coronavirus testing campaign so far began on Thursday.

The municipality of Budapest provides free antigen tests for 10,000 people in 10 days at 4 sites. It only takes a little inconvenience and a quarter of an hour for someone to find out if they are infected. However, this type of test only shows the current state.

National Medical Director Cecilia Mueller warned only Thursday: Since the number of new infections has been increasing for days, wave 3 of the pandemic may have begun.

This is also the reason why volunteers say it is very important for everyone to know about themselves as healthy.

– We need to know that we can deal with people in a negative way and be with our family – Explained Peter Pinkusi, a Lutheran pastor.

Anyone with a home address in Budapest can register for a test online.

Marietta, Head of Department, told me: a koronavirus.budlywood.hu A page to register for the test. There is a lot of interest. There are only dates for the next week. Out of 10,000, nearly 3,000 job vacancies remained.

Meanwhile, at the request of the local government in the capital, famous actors and athletes are trying to convince the Hungarians to get vaccinated.

The agency highlighted in a statement that widespread vaccination alone can be the way out of the epidemic, and this is the only way to restore our past lives.

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