“Within 5 years, half of the world will be using giant wallets.” These can go into super purses

Clearly, customers are drawn to it One-stop management possibilitywhich collects and organizes the best features for all its applications” financial brand c. B. Morgan ChasePayments are eating up the worldc. his report.

According to the authors of the report, super applications satisfy the desire of users Manage their daily activities and related financial services simply and quickly digitally. In addition, these super apps also meet the needs of merchants, providing access to a large number of users, thus saving customer acquisition cost.

Insider Intelligence claims that “super apps can solve a problem most consumers struggle with: With a lot of optionsAt the same time, it is emphasized that, according to Deloitte’s research, every third consumer feels Choked up by the many assets and subscriptions you hold. According to Insider Intelligence, A.J PayPalthe revolution or the Pay cash via the app (formerly: Square, now: Block) Applications may be in 2022 The first true super apps in the United States of America.

PYMNTS.com According to a population survey

67% of respondents want a superior app that can manage all their digital activities.

“Consumers want their digital experiences to be integrated into a single interface,” according to PYMNTS.com research. The research indicates that a for ten jobs Also what users inside the superapp You want to achieve: (1) payment, (2) banking, (3) travel, (4) communication, (5) daily life, (6) food shopping, (7) other shopping, (8) work, (9) entertainment and (10) health.

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