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Within 24 hours, there were three shootings in the United States
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Within 24 hours, there were three shootings in the United States

Joe Biden has been briefed on the shootings in the US over the past 24 hours. The president has just returned from vacation in Nevada and has not yet commented on the events.

And in Jacksonville, Florida, at least three people were killed by a shooter who opened fire in a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood. According to reports, the attacker barricaded himself in the store and later shot himself. According to the local sheriff, the attack was racially motivated. “He hated black people,” the sheriff said, adding that “there is no evidence whatsoever that the shooter was part of any larger group.”


Earlier in Boston, 7 people were injured in a shooting that occurred during Govert Festival, a festival/carnival with Caribbean roots. Two suspects were arrested and several weapons were recovered during subsequent searches. The police believe that the shooting was not related to the festival itself, but was the result of a dispute between two groups (whose names were not mentioned). The rest of the show was quiet.

Likewise, an altercation may have been the cause of the Oklahoma stadium shooting. A shooting occurred during a high school football game in Choctaw. Panic broke out in the stadium. A 16-year-old boy died of his injuries, while a 42-year-old man was taken to hospital and is in stable condition. No one has yet been arrested in this case.

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