With these innovations, Netflix launches the year

With these innovations, Netflix launches the year

New year, new month, new content on Netflix, old and popular proposal. Broadcast site for this year It starts with very good movies and series – Let’s see what this will be!

First of all, at Netflix, they thought (and they’re absolutely right) that the perfect New Year’s gift is if they prefer fans of current series, and The first shows of a new army of your favorites are scheduled for January. For example, a file Brooklyn 99 Sixth season Which fans have been begging for for a long time, but he keeps going Cobra cay And the Frustrated Princess the third Snow hole Second, and mostly, a Riverdale Also with the fifth season! As you definitely know, due to the pandemic, the new chapter will start with the remaining episodes planned for Season 4, followed by Time jump You can count. We can’t wait to see what will happen to Jughead after their college years!

But of course there will be some New series as well Offered by Netflix. For example, a French production, Thermos, Which He lives for life Starring his star, the events revolve around a professional thief. Or the Headspace – A Guide to MeditationIt is practical Indeed the best thing that could happen in 2021: Finally something to help you release the stress that you have built up in the last year, the constant anxiety and its detonation, calm down. Since the font has only been available for a few days now, we checked it and We were there for him – you can read about it here.

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Netflix doesn’t exist without new movies, and now it’s no different. You’ll be able to see a lot of great productions this month, but what we’ve been really looking forward to and finally seeing this year is Cut to a woman. Cornell Mondrochu It’s a new work, loosely filmed with world stars like CrownAlso known by Vanessa Kirby Or just Shia LaBeouf. The story revolves around the emotional crisis of a woman who, after tragically giving birth at home, succumbs completely to her grief and isolates herself from everyone.

You can check the full list of upcoming products in January here:

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