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With these innovations, Apple will advance the user experience

With these innovations, Apple will advance the user experience

Apple’s latest smart mobile operating system, iOS 15, comes with a number of innovations, but the revolutionary changes have fallen behind this time around.

This week, Apple hosted this year’s Developer Conference, WWDC, the tournament for its new mobile operating system, iOS 15. For this purpose, the innovations that came with the system have been listed in detail, but this time the big surprises and innovations seem to be missed.

Of course, a number of features have been added to the software that users are more likely to enjoy.

Craig Federighi, Head of Software Development, kicked off the show by introducing innovations related to FaceTime, this time to talk about interesting solutions in terms of audio. For example, making it more natural for iPhone owners to hear each other’s voice during a conversation provides surround sound. In practice, it seems that if an acquaintance appears on the left side of the screen, the user will hear his or her voice from that side.

Perhaps the most important and really useful thing is the fact that special attention has been paid to filtering out background noise, which is already possible with FaceTime. The social experience can be enhanced with a feature called SharePlay, which allows users to watch videos with friends. Picture-in-picture appears in iOS 15, and the video can continue to play even if the iPhone owner does something else on their mobile phone.

Photo: Apple

Apple gives third-party developers the ability to integrate this feature into their apps, but several partners, including Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, TikTok, and Paramount+, have supported this option from the start.

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Another interesting thing is that with iOS 15 you can customize the user interface for different modes, so in work mode, for example, only work-related applications appear. The innovation that Apple calls Live Text can be very useful, the essence of which is that the camera recognizes the typed text and words addressed to anything, which can then be copied anywhere on the phone.

Apple, which sold 206 million iPhones last year, has made some interesting additions to more important apps.

For example, the functionality of Wallet, which is already quite versatile, has been further expanded: credit cards, loyalty cards and even theme park tickets can be loaded by users, and it can now act as a virtual room key at more than a thousand hotels in the Hyatt chain. It’s also curious that in some states in the US, iPhone owners will also be able to check their licenses in the Wallet app to prove themselves.

Apple unveiled the most powerful iPad Pro a few weeks ago, and now has announced the latest version of its operating system.

There were no noticeable changes to iPadOS 15, but some useful improvements were made. For multitasking, for example, new icons make it easier to enter split view mode and have also developed a feature that makes it easier to switch between different tasks. QuickNote can be a really useful tool for attaching notes to web pages.

In iPadOS 15, users will also be able to try out the new features already mentioned in iOS 15, such as surround sound for FaceTime calls.

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