With the outbreak of the omicron variant in the United States, hundreds of flights were canceled

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News agencies called it At the beginning of September, an average of 160,000 new infections were recorded per day, and in recent days this value has increased to 179,000 as the omicron variant has become prevalent.

However, the number of patients treated for coronavirus in hospitals is much lower than in the summer.

However, the situation could only get worse, given that there are still many who have not been vaccinated in the United States. Of the approximately 330 million residents, 62 percent received two doses of one of the vaccines.

The rapidly spreading omicron variant appeared in the United States in November, It is now responsible for nearly three-quarters of cases nationwideWhile in some areas, especially along the east coast, the percentage is as high as 90 percent.

Over the Christmas holidays, airlines had to cancel hundreds of flights after several crew members were infected with the omicron variant.

There were also those who had to go into quarantine as a precaution.

According to US airline FlightAware, 957 US flights were canceled on Saturday and 690 flights on Christmas Eve, upsetting tens of thousands of Christmas plans. About 2,000 flights were delayed. The company’s data shows that more than 2,700 flights were canceled worldwide on Saturday and 7,049 flights were delayed.

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