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With the help of a Hungarian specialist, it became possible to identify a hitherto unknown species of snake

With the help of a Hungarian specialist, it became possible to identify a hitherto unknown species of snake

A type of snake unknown to science has been discovered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hungarian expert Laszlo Batko also participated in the study of a pair of Arasne skis.

Their locations indicate a type of hideous small snake that science does not know yet, called the robin, which was recently discovered by specialists in Saudi Arabia. Hungarian expert Laszlo Batko was also present when the small, shiny, copper-coloured shuttle was discovered.

The new species was described by researchers working in the AlUla region of Saudi Arabia, and the result was announced by a Hungarian nature conservation specialist working in the region. The researchers found this type of brightly colored snake while conducting field work near one of their night camps, but they were unable to identify it there or in the following days, even with the help of specialized books. Even the most experienced experts couldn't give a definitive answer about what species it might be, so members of the international research team took photos, gathered additional individuals in the area, and then subjected the animals to laboratory tests. During genetic analyses, they came to the conclusion that they had found a species unknown to science so far.

New species such as booksfills a large gap in the distribution in the Middle East that belongs to the family of true gliders Rhynchocalamus Among the species of its genus are native to Israel and the coast of Yemen and Oman, to which it is closely related. Experts believe that the habitat of the newly discovered species could extend to Jordan and other regions of Saudi Arabia, as it mainly prefers mountainous areas with a humid, cool climate and rocky, sandy soil. The size of the individuals collected ranges between 16 and 32 cm, so it is not a large species. Researchers also assume that it is R. Hijazikos-The baptized species also lives in areas with high population density, so it is not necessary to classify it as an endangered species.

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Source: Zoology and Evolution

The new species are true gliders Rhynchocalamus It belongs to the genus called To date, five species have been included in this category, but now, thanks to Laszlo Batko and his colleagues, the list can be supplemented by a sixth species: R. Hijazikosstring. As the expert pointed out, the snake is nothing more than a scientific novelty, as it is a well-known reptile among the local population and is called the henna in the region.

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