The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming

With the draw, the Olympic preparations for the national team began

The Hungarian Telegraph Office reported that the Hungarian women’s water polo team, which is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, fought a 9-9 draw with Canada in the first game of the SEAT Cup on Margaret Island on Monday.

The World League silver medalist Attila Peru took the first hit, then there was an advantage for the North American goalkeeper until the big break, and also a Hungarian lead by two goals, and after two quarters the score was 5-5 on the scoreboard, MTI reported.

After the inning, the host moved away with two goals again, and after the last eight minutes, after the beautification of Canada, the parties managed to cut him off from the Hungarian with a score of 7-6. Under the leadership of the brilliant Krisztina Garda, the Hungarian team was in the lead several times, the Canadians managed to draw, and the final result was a draw.

After the meeting, Attila Peru evaluated the match as weak, and saw many mistakes in attack and defense, but at the same time said: The national team will be much ahead in the Olympics

The two teams will compete again on Tuesday from 2 p.m., also at the Alfred Hagos National Athletic Pool, MTI looked ahead.

Women’s water polo
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Hungary-Canada 9-9 (4-3, 1-2, 2-1, 2-3)

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