With tears, the TV presenter said that she was fighting breast cancer

Half a year ago, he gave an interview about the importance of prevention and screening.

They welcome us into their home every day so we can share other people’s stories with you. It’s rare that we’ll be the ones in the story, but I wanted to share with you something personal that’s going on in my life.

sentences above Caline ThompsonThe WHO 13 News TV presenter told viewers on May 3, then announced live that he was battling cancer.

In a program last October, she spoke about the importance of breast cancer prevention and screening, and then in November it was revealed that she suffers from this disease.

I had no idea that this interview would herald the beginning of my journey

said the TV presenter, who found out he was battling the disease two weeks after his 28th birthday. On the current show – where they also played an excerpt from a certain interview last year – he says he’s had six chemotherapy treatments and his chances are good. But there were tears in his eyes when he said:

There were days when I didn’t feel like getting up and leaving, but you helped me find the strength to get here and tell the news.

Thompson says going to work every day is what she needs to get through it all. And now he considers it more important to warn as many people as possible about the importance of mammography:

If I can only help one person, it’s already worth it.

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