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With Rossi, but without Szalay, the national team won only two times out of seven –

With Rossi, but without Szalay, the national team won only two times out of seven -

The Hungarian national football team ended the third edition of the 2022 Nations League with a 2-0 defeat to Italy on Monday. On the topic of this and dám Szalai’s retirement from the national team, we have collected some interesting statistics.

From now on, Marco Rossi will have to plan without Ádám Szalai (Photo: István Mirkó)

The Hungarian national team was the only team from Division C to reach the First Division in the first edition of the Nations League, as it came close to making it to the last four of the series. The Hungarian national football team’s total record is 9 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses, with a goal difference of 24-15 (After Monday’s match against the Italians).

We’re in the third edition of the League of Nations, and our team didn’t finish worse than second. We started with second in the C-League, then won our group in B, and now we’re finished second again. While participating in the European and World Cup qualifiers since 1997, we could not finish the first and second in our group. to close somewhere. On the other hand, NL was invented with some exaggeration. Our national team was able to participate in the European Championship in 2021 thanks to its participation in the Nations League. And now, thanks to second place, they will be pulled from the top hat in the group classification for the European Championship qualifiers, and thanks to the general classification NL (the Hungarian national team is now seventh, if the Spaniards beat Portugal on Tuesday, they will drop one place again) it is almost certain that if 1-2 failed. If he takes a place in the European qualifiers, he will still be able to improve in the additional qualifiers.

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in the League of Nations We have not conceded a goal in three out of six matches (Nothing against the English, only one of the Germans). It’s interesting that we conceded a goal in the second half for the first time this year against the Italians – which is important because in 2021 we conceded the most goals in the second half.

However, another weakness emerged in the team against the Italians: Since November 2020 (after a 1-1 draw with Serbia), the Hungarian national team has been at a disadvantage seven times, losing all seven times.

Interestingly, out of six Premier League games this year, we had the most possession (51 per cent) against the Italians on Monday and tried the most shots/headers in this game. (with 13), which means six more attempts than England’s 4-0 success. So we scored the goal five times out of 13, and at Wolverhampton five times out of seven, which clearly shows that our game was more effective in that match.

The three defenders of Marco Rossi, Odam Lang, Willy Urban and Attila Szalay Play all six National League matches. in lang It is worth noting that according to the Wyscout stats website, he has won 79.31% of his duels in this series, and in this respect he is ranked first (among defenders who have played at least 450 minutes) in the A-League.

Farewell to the national team in the 86th match of the national team Ádám Szalai missed seven matches during Marco Rossi’s leadership. During these seven occasions, the national team managed to win only twice, Against Cyprus and Turkey (1-0 and 2-0), but the latter was a betting match. Since September 2018, we have played twice without Szalai (Hungary-Serbia 1-1, England-Hungary 1-1) and lost three times (1-0 at home and away from Albania, 2-1 in Montenegro) without him. .

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Rossi played his 47th game as captain Hungarian national team. With last week’s meeting in Leipzig, Rossi overtook Bertalan Becksky on the all-time captain’s list, and is now alone in fourth. In addition to 9 draws and 16 defeats, the Italian professional captain has 22 wins, which is also the fourth of two victories behind Calman Mizzoli (24), who is third in the all-time winning standings.

We got more high-quality positions… Final group stats against the Italians

It was clear to the naked eye that only the Italian goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma, was the difference between the two teams, and this too is backed by the numbers. According to the statistics of the markstats bot Twitter page, judging by the quality of our chances, we could have scored 2 goals (xG 2.05), and in this regard we were far ahead of the Italians who scored 2 goals (xG from 1.41) – this picture is of course distorted by the fact that we had to run after this The result. We had more ball, pushed our defense higher, and led almost as many dangerous attacks as Roberto Mancini’s side. Interestingly, based on the average position index, Viola Attila and Loic Nego of the Hungarian national team ranked higher – at least on the right side.
C.S. M.

The League of Nations
Selected achievements of Hungary
June 4
Hungary – England 1-0
(from Szoboszlai 66. – 11)
June 7
Italy – Hungary 2-1 (Barilla 30., Lo. Pellegrini 45., or G.Mancini 61. – goal)
June 11

Hungary-Germany 1-1 (Naji Zs.6, or Hofmann 9.)
June 14

England – Hungary 0-4 (Sly 16., 70. Nagy XXX 80, Gasage 89.)
September 23

Germany – Hungary 0-1 (Szalai Á. 17.)
September 26
Hungary – Italy 0-2
(Raspadori 27, Dimarco 52)

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The group’s end result
1. Italy 6 3 2 1 8-7 +1 11
2. Hungary 6 3 1 2 8 to 5 +3 10
3. Germany 6 1 4 1 11 to 9 +2 7
4. England 6 3 3 4-10 -6 3

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