With one click, Brits can report suspicious emails

Employees of British companies can send suspicious emails to the Internet experts of the National Cyber ​​Security Center with the touch of a dedicated button.

Britain will also continue its campaign against cybercrime, as company employees will soon be able to report suspicious emails at the touch of a button, which can be immediately sent to internet experts at the National Cyber ​​Security Centre.

Incidentally, this could have been done through the email reporting service until now, but the NCSC hopes that the simplicity of one keystroke will encourage more people to report suspicious emails.

GCHQ’s Cyber ​​Security department has provided step-by-step instructions on how corporate IT departments can add the extra button to Outlook in Microsoft 365.

According to reports, most of the time, attackers try to convince workers to download malware – disguised as if it was sent by IT support. They often clone login pages, but they also try to deceive people with fake signals. According to the NCSC, it has become clear during the pandemic that nothing will stop cybercriminals, they will continue to attack and harm citizens and businesses. However, using the current button can also help the audience bounce.

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