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With goals from Zig and En-Nesyri, he defeated Canada and won the F-cs title

In the third round of Group F of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Morocco beat Canada 2-1 to advance to the top of the group.

Youssef Ensiri’s goal gave Morocco an assist (Photo: Getty Images)

FifthWorld Championships, Qatar
Group round, round 3

Group F.
Canada – Morocco 1-2 (1-2)
Al Thumama Stadium, 43102 view. Led by: Rafael Klaus (Brazil)
Borjan – A. Johnston, Vittoria, K. Miller – A. Davies, Osorio (Laria, 66), Kay (Hutchinson, 60), Adekogbei (Connie, 60) – Laraine (David, 61), Howlett (Wetherspoon, 76) Buchanan . union captain: John Herdman
BonoHakimi (Gebran, 85), Ajrad, Sais, Mazrouei – Yonahi (Al Jamek, 76), Amrabat, Al-Sabiri (Amal Allah, 66) – Zyges (Hamdallah, 76), Al-Nasai, Boufal (Abu Hilal, 65). union captain: Favor Regragi
Ajard (41 – own target), or Zig (4), Niziri (23)


The game began as a nightmare for the Canadiens, who entered the field hoping for a sweet farewell. In the fourth minute, after an inaccurate pass, Borgan tried to make a save, but unfortunately to Zijes He kicked the ball, who lifted it into the goal from 30 meters above the goalkeeper standing outside. Ten minutes later, the “Maples” managed to turn the teachers table, but Howlett’s pass missed Buchanan by inches.

In the 23rd minute, the Atlas Lions doubled their lead. Ashraf Hakimi Gave a HUF ball en-Nesiri, who ran towards Miller and then bombed the goal from an acute angle – Borgan was helpless.

Having scored the second goal, Morocco softened the game and the Canadians punished it with a goal. In the 40th minute, Adekogbé crossed from the left wing, the ball was saved by a defender aged He changed direction on his feet – Bono didn’t understand that, that’s all Own goal He couldn’t stop it either.

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Morocco scored its third goal in extra time of the first half – it’s different that the referee didn’t award the goal, as one of the Moroccan players bothered Bourgean in defense when Niziri took a shot.

After the turn, the audience could not see a serious opportunity to score for about 25 minutes. In the 70th minute, Morocco was very lucky to score a goal. Hutchinson nodded Hoylett’s corner kick onto the crossbar, and Johnston headed the ball over the goal from close range.

In the remaining 20 minutes, the Moroccan national team confidently maintained its advantage, while the Canadian national team attacked, scoring its first World Cup point in its history, but no more goals were scored – the Moroccans got into the top 16 as the leaders of the group!

Watch a video summary of the match here!

Live broadcasts, interest, stats are here!

In the other match of the group:
Croatia – Belgium 0-0

The final score for group F
1. Morocco 3
2 1 4-1 +3 7
2. Croatia 3
1 2
4-1 +3 5
3. Belgium 3 1 1 1 1-2 -1 4
4. Canada 3 3 2-7 -5

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