With effect from January 1, the UK “tampon tax” has been abolished

With effect from January 1, the UK “tampon tax” has been abolished

In the UK, menstrual products have been exempt from VAT since January 1. The abolition of the previous 5% “tampon tax” became possible by the end of the Brexit transition period, as health products cannot be exempted from VAT under European Union law, Writes CNN.

“I am proud that we kept our promise to abolish the tampon tax.” Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said, “Menstrual products meet a basic need, so it is right that they are exempt from VAT.”

In addition to the abolition of the tampon tax, activists have considered for years the tax on menstrual products and the fact that luxury items have been declared sexual and outdated.

In November, Scotland was the first country in the world to offer free access to menstrual products, tampons and pads in public restrooms.

So far, only a few countries have made these products VAT exempt: Canada, India, Australia, Kenya, and several US states.

Germany has lowered taxes on feminine hygiene products after defining them as a daily necessity rather than a luxury good.

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