Az IKEA kartonkonzolokkal segít, hogy biztosan elférjen nálad az Xbox Series X vagy a PS5 bevezetőkép

With cardboard IKEA consoles it helps to make sure you have an Xbox Series X or PS5

There has to be room for next-generation controllers, and IKEA seems to see exactly that issue.

I definitely wasn’t the only person who started to worry about seeing the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 that it’s not entirely certain that the new iron would fit your TV cabinet – since then, I’ve been reporting that I’ve been unnecessarily worried. This can be an especially important problem when one considers purchasing a new piece of furniture. This is when analogy can come, and we’ll need some imagination, after all, one doesn’t take a new console with us to a furniture store.

It really looks like IKEA noticed this problem because of The following image appeared on Reddit, Which shows a cardboard box that makes up the Xbox Series X and PS5. Implicitly, they are used to find out if the stand will fit the specific piece of furniture.

Although the cardboard consoles look very real, IKEA hasn’t officially confirmed their existence yet, so it doesn’t hurt to deal with them with some reservations. In any case, it’s a great idea even if invented by the company’s creators, and even if someone makes it for self-interest.

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