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With Angela Merkel gone, his entire party could fail

With Angela Merkel gone, his entire party could fail

Candidates for chancellors are always a milestone in the German election campaign TV debate. However, unlike in previous years, representatives of the two most powerful parties, the CDU and the SPD, did not disagree with their views this year, but this time the Greens were invited as well.

  • Regarding the coronavirus epidemic Candidates from all three parties agreed they did not want further restrictions and stated that they did not plan to force anyone to take the vaccine. However, it was made clear that community mask wearing and distance are still important factors in defence.
  • Also on foreign policy issues The candidates agreed that Germany should increase its role in security policy. In this regard, Laschet stressed the importance of developing the German army, and stated that if elected, it would establish a “National Security Council”, which would be directly linked to the Chancellery and work to effectively resolve crises. Green Party candidate Annalena Barbock criticized the way the federal government handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan. On the other hand, Schulz focused more on his achievements, expressing that it was under the supervision of his own Ministry of Finance that he was able to increase the defense budget by 50 billion euros.
Armin Laschet, Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Christian Social Union (CSU), Annalena Baerbock, Greens and Olaf Scholz, Chancellor (BJ) candidate of the German Social Democratic Party (SDP) at their first televised debate in Berlin on August 29, 2021 Parliamentary elections will be held in Germany on September 26. MTI / EPA / DPA / Michael Kappeler
  • There have been more stark differences in the way we are dealing with the climate crisis. Although the importance of achieving climate neutrality has been emphasized by all candidates, the parties seem to have a different opinion on how to do so. Greens are an indispensable tool, for example in the form of stopping the production of cars with internal combustion engines from 2030 onwards. Instead of bans and restrictions, Schulze and Lachette focused on innovation and encouragement, which can mainly be reflected in the support of environmentally friendly technologies. Laschet also harshly criticized the plans of the Greens, who said he expects better performance from the German economy while constraining them.
  • There were also polar differences between the candidates regarding tax policy. Scholz and Baerbock highlight the need for a fairer tax system, which may lead to tax increases for certain social groups. Laschet described the plans of the SPD and the Greens as “clearly stupid”., and indicated that the CDU/CSU in favor of tax cuts.
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Regarding the dynamics of the debate, it was noted that Barbock and Lachette were more assertive, while Schulze was more conservative and focused on presenting his own achievements than his opponents.

According to a survey conducted by the Forsa Institute for Surveys Schulz’s tactics were the most informative, with the majority of viewers after the debate stating that the SPD candidate was the most persuasive and sympathetic of the participants. Barbock followed and pushed Lachet into last place.

Armin Laschet and CDU are stuck in a hole

The popularity of the CDU candidate, Armin Laschet, is still unable to move significantly from the low point, as evidenced by the fact that SPD rival Olaf Schulz is more popular among those who voted for the CDU/CSU coalition in the 2017 federal election. .

The biggest problem for EU parties is the low popularity of our candidate as an advisor to the same party coalition burnt.

Compared to the 21 percent measured now, the CDU/CSU alliance is still in January It was 36%, but even in the early weeks of July, his supporters were twice as many as those of the now leading Social Democratic Party.

Laschet is under increasing criticism from within the party for this reason. Some do too lift That instead of Laschet, the most popular CSU president Marcus Söder should be fired. Although Sodder will clearly be the most popular candidate for chancellor in his career, EU parties are unlikely to take their place in the final weeks before the election. You sud too advertiserTo defend Laschet’s candidacy.

German floods in July played a major role in the decline in CDU’s popularitywhich killed more than 190 people. The parts hardest hit by the floods are the sparsely populated rural areas of the western part of the country, where the Christian Democrats have traditionally been strong. In 2017, for example, the CDU scored 40 percent, which is 10 percentage points more than the national score at the time. However, the vast majority of area residents estimate that the federal government did not respond well to the flood disaster. There was also a special scandal due to the fact that Armin Laschet had just been arrested LaughsWhen Frank Walter Steinmeier expressed his condolences to the flood victims.

The only question is whether the EU parties will be able to reverse this trend before the September elections. Based on the results of previous elections, this is highly questionable, since in only one of the last six federal elections the CDU/CSU has outperformed the polls at the end of August.

The problem in the CDU was so great that Angela Merkel also had to join the campaign to support her successor candidate. The chancellor appeared at a campaign event in Berlin with Laschet. CDU is also a new and more detailed one climate protection plan He also put it on the table, perhaps because there has been more criticism from the party lately that its climate-protection goals aren’t ambitious enough.

LASCHET was one of eight people in the past weeks Campaign Team It was also organized to help stop the downfall of the population by her and her party. However, the following weeks will prove that it will be booked as either a successful trial or a suspicious trial.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (b) and Armin Laschet, President of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Head of Government of North Rhine-Westphalia, Chancellor’s Candidate at the CDU / CSU (BJ) Alliance campaign event at Tempodrom Event Center in Berlin on August 21, 2021. Elections will be held Federal Parliament in Germany on September 26. MTI / AP / Marcus Schreiber

The momentum of Olaf Schultz and the SPD has not run out yet

The strengthening of the SPD in recent weeks has been quite astonishing, especially in light of the fact that the party has generally performed poorly in elections in recent years. The current momentum is mainly due to the party’s chancellor candidate, Olaf Schulz, whose personal popularity has not only brought the Social Democrats back almost from the grave, but also propelled them to the top of the opinion polls.

In the final weeks of the election campaign, it became important that the largest dialogue between the SPD and the CDU/CSU took place in Lesgosby.

Scholz’s success can be explained by several factors. One of them is that He did not make mistakes during the campaign like his competitors. Annalena Barbock faced several stumbles on the Green Party candidate, discrepancies were discovered in her biography, on suspicion of plagiarism, and revealed that she forgot to inform the Bundestag Governing Council of the income she received in addition to the salaries she obtained through the co-presidency. allowances. Laschet did not swim in scandals either, in addition to the laughing recording in the world press, he was also struck by plagiarism, for which he had to apologize.

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However, Scholz hasn’t been completely shunned by criticism either. Under his financing, the Wirecard scandal and the CumEx scandal, known to be one of the biggest tax frauds on the continent, have been the subject of numerous criticisms. However, it is less established in German society.

Another important aspect is the government’s experience. Schultz is the only candidate for chancellor who is involved in the work of the federal government. In addition, as finance minister and vice-chancellor, popular measures such as stimulus packages to offset the effects of the coronavirus can be linked to his name.

Last but not least, SPD has to be mentioned strategy, which seeks to put Schulz as the closest person to Merkel.

Scholz, for example, the iconic Chancellor’s diamond-shaped handshake pointing He recently appeared on the cover of a German newspaper. An attempt by the SPD to appoint Schulz as the current chancellor’s heir may be a logical move, as Merkel remains the country’s most popular politician.

For now, the SPD’s reckoning appears to have come, and not just from the polls. Angela Merkel, for example, said so a few days ago Big differences Between his thoughts and those of Schulz on the future of Germany. With this move, he clearly wanted to weaken Schulz-Merkel’s account of parallelism.

Merkel and the CDU additionally Criticize Schulz has not yet made it clear whether, should he win the election, he would be willing to join forces with the radical left to achieve a majority in government. The CDU has been trying to rally its supporters in recent days with a red-red-green “nightmare” coalition, so Schulz will also have to speak out over time.

If the CDU, however, is not going to be able to find a catch on SPD, you can well be told not only by your ex-boss of ANGELA MERKEL, but also from the driving rod.

Cover image source: Michele Tantussi / Getty Images

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