With a sea of ​​renewed additions and visuals, the PS5 version of the game comes

With a sea of ​​renewed additions and visuals, the PS5 version of the game comes

Final Fantasy VII finalized and the first part was only released last year, but this year it will already reach the level of the Intergrade Edition, which will arrive on PlayStation 5 on June 10 with more than just visual additions.

Sony announced at State of Play in two major previews about the additions we can expect in the Intergrade release. Firstly, the enhanced version will be available to Final Fantasy VII Remake holders for free with support for 4K and a target frame rate of 60 fps. Of course, the images will be better as well, and the charging times will be faster compared to the PS4 version. And let’s not forget that there is also a DualSense controller: it will also be used by FFVII. You can play in two game modes: 4K graphics mode, performance mode and 60fps preferred. There will also be a photo mode with which we can take delightful selfies.

As for the content portion of Intergrade: We get a new episode centered around Yuffie, in which we have to break into Shinra’s big company to ride a powerful command. More new characters are waiting for us, the battle repertoire is expanded and gameplay with more novelties. Sony According to his information This content will only be available on PS5 and will definitely need to be purchased as separate additional content after the free upgrade.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will appear on PC anyway.

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