Wish | Would you like to try it? Powers up Spotify with a fun music game

The streaming service has acquired the free-to-play Heardle, which will only make it more fun, but not for us yet…

Music quiz game Heardle was acquired by Spotify, which thus received a relatively short and independent spotlight, as the public only started picking up on it at the beginning of the year. It is a shame to bury it, because the provider does not want to exterminate or transform it – on the contrary:

Adds additional functionality.

NME on Spotify Blog poked The publication in which the company announces that it has acquired Heardle. They didn’t say how much they were involved with the manufacturer, but they said the game would still be free, in fact Spotify doesn’t plan to make any fundamental changes to it at all, it just wants to add it.

Source: The Hustle

The Heardle is modified to the extent that players can listen to fully relevant songs at the end of each line of questions.

“Heardle has proven that he can connect millions of fans with music they know or are new to in a very fun way, and what’s more, it gives them the chance to play with their friends.”

Jeremy Ehrlich, Director of Music at Spotify, praised the app.

We also have bad news: It is unknown when Heardle will arrive on Spotify in Europe, because at the moment it is only focused on North America, England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. But we’re tied up, we think the other half of the world will be left out of the party for a long time, so stay tuned!

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Ehrlich added that Heardle has been building a loyal following since his debut, which is consistent with their intentions, which is to

They are trying to make the world of Spotify more interactive.

They do it better and better:

Spotify knows which song to use to escape Vecna’s wrath from Stranger Things


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