Wish |  This is how you watch TheVR!

Wish | This is how you watch TheVR!

We recently launched a survey on the We Love The VR facebook group, which produced some interesting findings on how we consume TheVR content.

Regular live streams, Youtube videos, VODs, Happy Hour, podcast, etc. One of Hungary’s favorite teams, which deals mainly with games, offers us endless ways to have fun, and the way we consume content can also vary. Whether it’s Twitch or YouTube, audience attention can be very variable, so we recently wondered how fans follow up on TheVR content.

The In the We Love The VR Facebook group We started a survey with an interesting result.

Although a very small portion of the group of over 100,000 people voted, this alone can give you an idea of ​​how the majority likes to follow guys. At the time of writing this article, we are showing the result based on 2,272 votes.

According to this, it is clear that there are more people who usually only watch VODs made from live broadcasts. 1,200 people voted for this option, while the least are those who always watch live broadcasts on Twitch (42 votes). This may be unexpected, as TheVR streams live most of the time.

Of course, this result slightly overshadowed the 433 voters who voted to watch the live broadcasts as well as YouTube videos. Meanwhile, 426 voters follow YouTube videos and VODs, and not all of them follow. Of course, among the 2,272 people, there were also those who no longer followed content much (158).

Of course, the above survey is just some interesting data on how content consumption has evolved recently. It in no way means that very few people are watching TheVR live, it just means that fans are trying to make up for lost content. As shown by the August statistics: TheVR channel is still one of the most popular channels in Hungary, whether on YouTube or Twitch.

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How do you watch TheVR content?

By the way, have you seen the August streamer stats yet?

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