Wish |  These annoying bugs are fixed in the new update of Rainbow Six Siege

Wish | These annoying bugs are fixed in the new update of Rainbow Six Siege

The hotfix may become active in a matter of days.

In the first week of September, the latest season of Rainbow Six Siege has arrived. The Y7S3, called Brutal Swarm, promises a lot of new things and changes. Summary about it We also made a postbut the size of the game truncated We can’t leave it without a word. As usual, in the first period, players noticed a lot of bugs and errors that did not actually appear during the internal server testing and server testing.

Already in the first days, it became clear that the customers in the game menu are not behaving as they should, and the textures are incorrect. Unlocking Bravo packages is also not smooth, in many cases an error message disrupts the process. The most annoying error may have affected PC users, as the FPS values ​​have dropped significantly after the update, but freezes may also occur.

Don’t worry, Y7S3.1 update will arrive in a few days!

Fortunately, the developers of Rainbow Six Siege have been listening to user feedback, so they can respond to it relatively quickly. All platforms are expected to receive the first major bundle of the season on Tuesday, which will definitely fix the following bugs:

  • The factors are now displayed correctly in the list
  • There are no errors when opening Bravo packages either
  • Y7S3.1 also fixes some usual audio related bugs

FPS and weak freezes are currently being closely monitored and investigated by Ubisoft programmers, so a full solution has yet to be expected.

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What other errors did you encounter?

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