Wish |  Is this the end game?  Fortnite Week 12 Quests have arrived

Wish | Is this the end game? Fortnite Week 12 Quests have arrived

There are only a few left, but now we still have plenty of time to catch up.

As expected, the eleventh batch of Fortnite Season 3 missions has arrived in the second half of the week, during which we can once again climb a few levels into entering the Battle Pass. You don’t have to expect big surprises this time either, routine players can learn tasks quickly. Once again, there are seven challenges waiting for users, which they can complete in any order.

Let’s see what we have to do this week!

  • Push six huge stone balls out of place
  • Taming three animals in one match
  • Collect 100 gold in the Lazy Lagoon
  • Land in Groovy Grove or Fungi Farm, then go to The Glow in a match
  • Deal with head injuries with the Prime Shotgun
  • Let’s destroy our opponents with Ripsaw Launcher
  • Damage 10 enemies with 2 shotguns

Completing these missions will cost you 234,000 XP this time. Of this, 7 x 15,000 per mission, and another 129,000 after reaching the rewards. You can also find help for tasks on the map above, so you can really finish your 12th week set really fast. A few days ago, new Vibin challenges arrived, and we’re not lacking in Dragon Ball missions, which provide players with additional rewards and XP points. The end of the season is still far away, but persistent players can surpass level 100.


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