Wish |  Here's everything we know about Warzone 2 - the look, the platforms, of course

Wish | Here’s everything we know about Warzone 2 – the look, the platforms, of course

Along with Season 1 of Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2 will also be included, just get some sleep.

The first season of Modern Warfare 2 will be launched on November 16, Warzone 2 will also launch on this day, which will bring a lot of new things. Many elements of the game will change, certain mechanics will work differently, and of course the path will not be the same either. One of them was published on the official website of Call of Duty Blog entry.

New stadium: Mazraa

It will be Warzone’s largest training session yet. The farm is inspired by West Asia and features many well-known CoD locations. Showdown, Terminal, Quarry, Highrise, and Dome will also appear.

In addition, narrow circles will also behave differently. At first there will be several rounds, which will divide the players on the field, but at the end of the match there will be only one round.

Game changes

  • Loadout Drops will be removed, and instead you will have access to unique weapons in the shop.
  • franchises out.
  • There will be strongholds that players can make their way through. After that, they can get one of their unique weapons from the shop for free.
  • The Loot system will change, and it will be more like PUBG or Blackout.
  • In Gulag, everyone gets a temporary teammate, so it will be 2 against 2 and you will have to fight with the weapons that are there.

So on November 16, Warzone 2 comes to PS5, Xbox Series X, S, and of course on PC on Steam and Battle.net. However, Warzone 2 does not mean the end of the current Warzone, so those who love the current region will still be able to play it.

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