Wish |  Epic Games is ready again - over 50 unreleased Fortnite skins have been leaked

Wish | Epic Games is ready again – over 50 unreleased Fortnite skins have been leaked

Also this time, the usual questionnaire can tell you about the content of incoming cosmetics.

Nowadays, unreleased Fortnite outfits can be hidden in two ways. In one case, leakers extract information from the files themselves, if we are talking about an unencrypted file, then after the current update we can even show the new features in the images. In the other case, we can thank Epic Games or one of its partners for the information, in many cases in the form of an image or website posted early. This includes the case when developers ask players’ opinions about the skins given in the survey.

Let’s see what we can expect from future skins!

The first such leak, perhaps conscious, was not taken seriously by players, because at that time it was not yet known what the fate of the skins would be. However, several outfits from the first image published in 2021 have either made it to the Item Shop or have just become part of the current Battle Pass. Since then, data miners have been paying special attention to these surveys, and the aforementioned group first appeared on Thursday in documents sent by Epic Games.

The high-resolution image shows how diverse the designers are, many variations are revisions or new versions of the existing outfit, but we can also come across completely unfamiliar looks. It’s worth taking a closer look at the photo, as Epic Games has dumped several skins in “real” form over the past few months and put them on the game’s item store from the latest collection.

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Which one is your favourite?

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