Winter Olympics: Two Canadians on the podium with snowboarders

Winter Olympics: Two Canadians on the podium with snowboarders

The winner of the men’s figure skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics was announced on Monday. The win went to Max Parrott of Canada.

Max Parrott wins the men’s figure skating race (Image: AFP)

In the twelve finals, each contestant was able to submit their training three times and the winner was announced based on the best result.

After the first series, the defending champion is still an American Redmond Gerrard He was in the lead, but the second runner-up was the Pyongyang Silver Medal parrot, Then the Chinese Su Ji Ming He also far outgrew his practice, and failed to improve.

Then in the final series, another Canadian took the bronze medal four years ago McMorris He was also way ahead of him, so Gerrard was pushed off the podium as well. At the top, the situation didn’t change anymore because the Chinese couldn’t improve either, so he had to settle for my two silver medals.

Winter Olympics, Beijing 2022
Skateboard, slope for men
1. Max Parrott (Canada) 90.96

2 – Su Ji-ming (China) 88.70
3 – Mark McMorris (Canada) 88.53
4. Redmond Gerrard (USA) 83.25
5- Emiliano Lauzi (Italy) 80.01
6. Chris Corning (USA) 65.11

National Sports reports on the venue: Gergeli Cohan, Erica Kovacs (text), Karoly Orvay (photo)

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