Winter Olympics: If the Shop Starts... - Jacobless Doubles

Winter Olympics: If the Shop Starts… – Jacobless Doubles

Snowboarders held a mixed-team competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Saturday. Gold medalists were Nick Baumgartner, 40, and Lindsey Jacobless, 36, who won the women’s singles competition against the Italians and Canadians.

Lindsay Jacobless waited 16 years for her first Olympic gold, then two days (Image: AFP)

For the first time, this event was included in the Olympic program, in which a rider and competitor form a team, but up to two pairs can start in each country. The first surprise was already in the quarter-finals, where both Australian A team was assigned a race and both contestants fell, so neither team advanced.

This is not the case for the Italians, whose doubles qualified first for the semi-finals and then for the finals, so it was decided before the last race that to Italy There will be coins in this race. In addition, he also holds the men’s silver medal and the women’s bronze medal Canada She confirmed with Women’s Olympic Champion Lindsey Jacobless Americans They remained in contention for the podiums.

American men’s race Nick Baumgartner He won, but only four hundredths of a second ahead of the individual Italian bronze Omar Visintint And 23 with the Canadians, but even the Italian team 2 had a defect of only 88 centuries.

But for the women, the champion of Pyongyang is Italian Michela Mooli He took the lead after the start as the Canadian battled another Italian. But Muyoli took a very wide turn, which he did Jacobless He seized the opportunity and took the lead, which he no longer handed over, winning his second gold medal in Beijing at the age of 36.

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On top of that, he also committed the “rudeness” that went to gold in 2006 – and has been waiting for gold ever since – during the last teaser hold his platebut this time she didn’t fall, but now she made it to the finish line as a two-time Olympic champion.

Winter Olympics, Beijing 2022
Figure skating, cross team mixed
1. US 1 (Nick Baumgartner, Lindsey Jacobless)
2 – Italy 1 (Omar Vicentine, Michela Mooli)
3. Canada 1 (Elliot Grundin, Merita Odin)
4 – Italy 2 (Lorenzo Sumareva, Caterina Carpano)
5. Germany 1 (Martin Norl, Jana Fischer)
6. Great Britain 1 (How Nightingale, Charlotte Banks)

National Sports reports on the venue: Gergeli Cohan, Erica Kovacs (text), Karoly Orvay (photo)

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