The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming

Winter Olympics: Canada and Sweden continue to turn

Four more matches were held in the regular season of the men’s curling championship at the Pyongyang Winter Olympics. The leaderboards, Canada and Sweden, are still flawless, but the field behind them is starting to thicken.


The Canadians sweated heavily against the South Koreans. True, they also advanced by two before the last one, but the hosts were able to steal in the end, but only one, so they ended up losing. On the other hand, the Swedish opponent gave up the match after nine times.

The US-Danish match was smooth sailing as well, with the Europeans abandoning the last game by four points, while the Swiss played a one-off match with Japan, which was only decided in the end.

Thanks to victories in the United States and Switzerland, there are currently four teams behind the front runners – Britain and Italy – plus the previous two – to compete for two more places to advance.

Winter Olympics, Pyeongjang
Crooked, guys
Switzerland and Japan 6-5
Sweden and Great Britain 8-6
United States – Denmark 9-5
Canada and South Korea 7-6
the work:
1. Canada 4 wins (4 matches)
Sweden 4 (4)
3- United States 2 (4)
Great Britain 2 (4)
Italy 2 (4)
Switzerland 2 (4)
7- Japan 1 (3)
Norway 1 (3)
9. Denmark 1 (4)
10. South Korea 0 (4)

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