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Winning and third place at the end of the tournament!

Winning and third place at the end of the tournament!

NB III North East Group: Round 30

Kisvarda Master is good secondlySalgotarjani PTC 3-2 (1-0)

Kesvarda, Varkerti Sports Complex. Answer: Toth T.

Kisvarda II: Marton A. – Kozaczuk, Kralik B., Rubus, Shirota – Biro R., Babjak (Benko, 83.) – Cekszay (Klinvinski, 73.), Skadj (Bliznjuk, 78.), Isek A. (Bongo-Dankai, 83.) – Christofi. trainer: Matej Gerlitsky
Saturday: Szalay A. – Backus B. (Tarlosi M., 69.), Sokka, Kalman, Petrescu (Binko P., during the break) – Boros A., Nagy M., Horvath M., Velcor B. (Chucky P., 75), in Klag (P. Tarlosi, during the break) – Chivo (Balkovics, 69). trainer: Sebastian Szilard

scorer: Judge R. (1-0) XIII Sexzai (2-0) Fifty, Tarlosi M. (2-1) 86, Pike (2-2) Eighty-ninth Bonjo-dankai (3-2) In the 89th minute.

Minute 13: Sikszai after a corner from the right Judge Roland With a header from 4 meters to the right side of the goal, 1-0.

Minute 50: Babjak pushed the ball from center to right SikshayHowes, who shot into the bottom right corner from 16 metres, 2-0.

Minute 86: Mattie Horvath He bluffed his way through our players, then at the end of the scramble Milan Tarlosi He shot the ball into the bottom right corner from a distance of seven metres. 2-1.

Minute 89: After preparation Spear He shot from 16 meters with his left into the bottom right corner. 2-2.

Minute 89: Pirro Roland sent a cross to the left side To Bonjo-dankaiWho received the ball with his chest, then shot from a distance of 14 meters to the lower right corner, and the ball hit the goalkeeper and the right goal post. 3-2.

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Matej Gerlitsky: -We have made the most of this season, because four players have also introduced themselves in the first team, and this performance is the icing on the cake. This third place gives us the championship title! We put in a lot of energy and a lot of work to put on a performance like this and for the guys to go through this kind of development. Congratulations to the players and staff, they have done a great job all season! I would certainly like to thank the management and everyone working at the club for the conditions and the great help they gave us in order to make this appearance possible.

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