Új dizájnt és sötét módot kapott a Windows 11-es Jegyzettömb kép

Windows 11 Notepad has been given a new design and a dark mode

A new version of the app is now being tested, with some red features added by Redmondians.

One of Microsoft’s greatest historical programs, Notepad was originally introduced in 1983. first mouse In Company. The application is popular precisely because of its simplicity, so Redmondians have not differed much from it in recent years, but now it has received a more serious update.

Fortunately, the new version, which has been tested on the development channel of the Windows Channel, does not put the proven recipe above it, but it improves the experience with more or less tweaks.

The most eye-catching innovation is that the application contains the main design elements of Windows 11, a round window and a transparent lower top bar (Mica). The menu bar has also been clarified, leaving only the File, Edit and View options on the left, while in the right corner we have a settings button where not only font diversity has been moved, but we can also activate the brand new dark mode here.

The latter is based on the Windows 11 theme, but those who don’t want it have the option to enable it manually. In addition to the main interface, the “Find and Replace” window has been redesigned, and the undo can be performed at multiple levels (multi-level undo).

As it used to be Microsoft not revealed, when the revamped Notepad can be removed from the test program, so field users can only see it with a major update to Windows 11 next year.

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