Windows 11 in the browser without installation

We’ve shown it before How to install Anyone with the new Windows 11 coming from Microsoft is already upgrading on their PC to Windows 10. In addition, these days Microsoft has released a file Windows 11 ISO image files So you can now install the system from scratch (Microsoft Insider membership still required). But what if someone is interested in Windows 11 but doesn’t want to use an experimental system on their only PC? Well, until then, there is a choice. one to look through Our screenshot compilationOr a lot of Windows 11 tutorial videos on Youtube, the other is to install a solution that can be used on virtual machines (such as VMware or macOS under Parallels Desktop 17You can now officially run Windows 11 on your Mac). But there is another alternative: thanks to a fun initiative, you can now try Windows 11 in your browser without installing it.

Windows 11 in the browser without installation

In recent years, we have shown a number of online services that allow you to gain insight into older operating systems without installing, simply in your browser. The macOS 7.0.1 For example, it can be tested in an online simulator, but who would prefer it You will try Windows 98 Likewise, it has the ability to do so.

Today we are showing a page where those who do not want to install the trial version can get acquainted with the interface of Windows 11. All they have to do is visit Windows 11 in React to the side. This is the open source project, which aims to make Windows 11 more accessible through the web interface. Accordingly, this is not an emulator, which means that we cannot actually test Windows 11 in a browser, but a web version of it (based on React, CSS, JS, etc.). At the time of writing, not all of the planned features are working, but a revamped Start menu, new widgets, a search engine, a calculator, or even the Microsoft Store app are already available. We look forward to gaining insight into other features later, such as the new file manager.

From a user’s point of view, of course, it’s more a game, so we can’t stand a full and functional Windows 11, but from the developers’ point of view, doing all that is certainly no small challenge with web tools. However, it is undoubtedly a fun and exciting experience for both sides.

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