Windows 10 taskbar gets a new feature

Windows 10 taskbar gets a new feature

The weather will be visible on it, and access to news will be easier.

In the coming weeks, a new feature will slowly become available to users of Windows 10 November 2019 Update or later, with a new widget added to the notification area in the system tray. This will mainly display the current weather, however, clicking on it will display the news in a popup menu from Microsoft’s OS, plus it will also provide more detailed forecast of the weather.

It is very likely that not everyone likes the novelty, and they will be able to hide it from the taskbar. On the other hand, anyone who likes it will be able to customize the posts and news topics that are featured on the interface to some extent. The popup appears to only display the News section that has been available on the Edge homepage for a long time, not just behind the newly developed software.

It is unclear if clicking News will load it in the default browser or in Edge, if the two are not the same. It wouldn’t be surprising, this time, that Microsoft isn’t afraid of trying to push its own solution aggressively to internet users.

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