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Windows 10 speedrun: You won't believe how long it took to install

Windows 10 speedrun: You won't believe how long it took to install

A new record has been set in the non-existent global competition to install Windows 10. Despite the impressive fact that most of us do not know such tricks at home.

John Gabor

20.02.2024 – We are a long way from a world where an entire afternoon had to be devoted to installing or reinstalling an operating system, because even without major complications, the procedure would take several hours. The machine required intervention from time to time, and moreover, if an ancient formation coughed into it, it would prolong the person's suffering even longer. There were two ways: either you didn't want to understand it and paid someone to do the work, or you constantly struggled through the process, and in the end you looked like a chewed sock. Although there is not much trouble in installing Windows for a long time, it is still difficult if someone does it

It completes the Windows 10 installation in just over a minute and a half.

This achievement and unofficial world record also goes to NTDEV, which previously showed how smart Windows 10 can be in a cane-thin package. Its operating system, called Tiny10, takes up just 5GB of storage space and runs flawlessly even with 800MB of RAM. He has now performed a quickboot with this version of Windows 10 – note: not manually, but from a script and on a powerful computer.

The setting is amazing – and it's there too To install Tiny11 2-3 times faster – Its speed is impressive even with these tricks, so it works, because the system accesses the machine in the same time it takes an old PC to get up and ready to go!

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