Will this really be Britain’s coolest toilet?

According to the ticket broker, yes.

There is a restaurant in Sussex called Perch in the Park, which is visited by Ticket Poker. Hendel’s help With his family. He had to go out to the bathroom, he didn’t have anything weird at first, two unisex bathrooms.

Then notice a big red button next to the sink. Overwritten, tap, and Hindle done.

Suddenly it becomes a disco with the sink, disco lights and Bee Gees Survival He also speaks.

Tweet embed “What’s the worst that could happen?” To me what a red cloth for a bull. #push the button ♬ original sound – Iiiiitsabi

It’s the coolest toilet in the UK – until I decorate my own and put one in my own too. I create a playlist and everything. I got inspiration

– The woman said Mirror In accordance with Article

The general manager of the restaurant said that equipping the two bathrooms with a mini-disco cost about 700 pounds (320,000 forints), but it was worth all the money. The song was chosen by them, with Stayin Alive receiving the most votes from the staff.

Their burgers were crazy too, but the toilet was great too. I would ask everyone to have such a bathroom… I was here once, but I didn’t have to go to the bathroom at that time. I will be a regular now.

Hendel said.

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