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Will there be trees and birds, or will there be dust?

Will there be trees and birds, or will there be dust?

The project is not just about renovating a yard: it is a real community collaboration focused on the happiness and well-being of children.

The children have specific ideas of what their “dream playground” looks like for them, which they also bring to life through drawing
Source: Marian Somogyi

The birth of the initiative

The initiative was launched a few weeks ago and is led by Marianne Somogyi, a member of the community of dedicated parents. Marian and her colleagues not only dreamed of a new yard in place of the old, barren landscape, but they also dreamed of a place where children could play, laugh and explore the world freely. The goal of the project is to create a colorful, cheerful and safe yard where children can happily spend their time every day. But, as Marianne’s words reveal: it’s not that simple!
From a children’s perspective, a schoolyard can be more than just a playground. The yard that children dream of – because they certainly have their own ideas about their dream space – is a colorful and fun place where nature also gets a place. Imagine a yard where children can climb, jump and play hide and seek among the trees, while birdsong fills the air – because that’s exactly what they want.

Fundraising and community role

Fundraising is already underway through Jövőnk a Falu Alápítvány. Every help counts, whether it’s a small donation from an individual or generous support from a local business. As Marianne also says: It is very difficult nowadays to appeal to people’s motivation for a charitable cause. The project is not just about money, it is also a story of community unity, where everyone can contribute to a happier future for children.
In addition to the heart and soul of the community, the school administration also plays a key role in the success of the project. Zoltan Ekler, the school’s enthusiastic director, recognized the importance of the initiative and did not hesitate to act. At the school, he organized a children’s program and served food on November 22, with the aim of directly engaging local entrepreneurs and businesses in making the dream come true.
This is not just a renovation of the yard: it is a promise to the children that they will be taken care of and that their happiness is the most important thing. This project is your opportunity for the community to create something great together, a place where kids can soar.

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