Will there be a third season of Jenny and Georgia?

Netflix is ​​full of super popular series that audiences love or absolutely love to hate — either way, they have a huge number of viewers. That’s how it is Emily in Parisinand the Jenny and GeorgiaWith Also, the second season that far outdid even Emily: it instantly appeared at the top of the Netflix top ten list With over 180 million hours watched. That’s why we wouldn’t be surprised if you actually finished a long time ago Jenny and Georgia Continuing, now you’re obviously doing a lot of research and would like all the information you can on Season 3.

Since the finale ended like a bolt from the blue (spoiler if you haven’t made it to the season finale), we’re all just waiting to find out: What will happen to Georgia, who was specifically caught at her own wedding?! Things were finally working out between her and Jenny, she and Paul couldn’t be happier (and her wedding dress was stunning, by the way), and everything seemed set for Georgia’s happy ending. But that’s what happens when you let yourself go for even a minute – something is bound to go wrong. And Georgia has to get out of the biggest mess of her life if there’s ever going to be a third season.

A scene from Jenny and Georgia (Photo: Brooke Palmer/Netflix)

The truth is To date, no sequel to the series has been orderedAnd, as we know, Netflix is ​​notorious for ruthlessly swinging its machete on all productions (RIP 1899). the Jenny and Georgia On the other hand, its creator is quite optimistic about the future – which, we must admit, viewership numbers can fully justify – because To Sarah Lambert He already has plans for where he will continue the story theme.

“Season 3 is going to look very different from the previous season — if we get the chance — because this woman is the one who did what she had to do as a ready-made superhero, but now she’s caught. It’s like Superman being turned off. We’ll see if he can solve this.” also “

Sarah A. said: for the deadline. series show, Debra J. Fisher revealThis story anyway Planned for a total of four seasonsHere’s how they brought the idea of ​​Jenny and Georgia to Netflix: “We know where Season 3 starts and ends, and we know what the final game is going to be like.”

With so many threads left open in Season 2 and countless little hints of the future (which we may not have noticed yet), we, along with Sarah and Debra, are hopeful for a sequel. We’ll have to wait a little longer for the series’ fate to be decided – because while it’s been doing great so far, it still needs to stay that way for Netflix to definitely announce a third season. And when will you be able to watch it? Well, if we consider that the Jenny and Georgia Two years passed between its first and second seasons, it’s pure coincidence You even have to wait a bit…

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