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Will there be a solution to Széchenyivaros’ eclectic chaos? – KecsUP

Will there be a solution to Széchenyivaros’ eclectic chaos?  – KecsUP

Josa Balint, representative of Széchenyi Város, addressed an interpellation to the city administration, in which he wrote about the unresolved issue of selective waste transportation in Széchenyi Város. Residents of the area are forced to collect communal and selective waste together. According to Dr. István Stacho Picari, Vice-Mayor of Fides “executable” elimination of collection islands and more efficient collection of selective waste; Mayor Klaudia Szemereyné Pataki asks for a list of problem places.

Since most of the selective waste collection islands installed in 2012 were dismantled due to improper use, the residents of Széchenyiváros could not collect the waste separately. The yellow bag for selective waste was not a solution. Most of the traditional garbage collection sites are in poor condition, based on observations, local residents are reluctant to put yellow bags on the street, they do not selectively collect, and they are ashamed of “garbage heaps” because of

“I haven’t seen selective trash since the works. Since then, I haven’t collected separately, and I only know one or two containers that aren’t such waste.”

“For 10 years, the free storage system has put people living in the area in an uncomfortable position every day! Animals spread leftovers. Unfortunately, those in need also come here to eat standing up from trash cans and do their business here.”

“Then I can’t collect selectively, we don’t have a regular venue on the playground. Others it’s crowded but accessible. Just like on every housing estate.”

Széchenyivaros residents announced.

Balint Josadescribed the representative of the famous city association in the interrogation, “The residents of Szechenyi are forced to collect selective waste with municipal waste, which is the 21st. Unacceptable in a 20th century European city.” Calls the city administration to “Resolves selective disorder in the bulk of Kecskemét with immediate effect.”

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Dr. István Stacho Picari The deputy mayor replied in writing on February 6. In his answer, he details how laws and requirements have changed in selective waste collection introduced since 2012. In collaboration with Duna-Tisza Waste Management Nonprofit Kft. , the city has achieved many things, and developments affecting Széchenyiváros are also underway.

There is currently no established system for waste glass collection. / photo: Together for the cleaner Kecskemétért Facebook group

Allocating 376 waste collection containers in the governorate “In progress. With all of this, the yellow cysts can be replaced and selective aggregation islands eliminated.” From November 1, 2022, the frequency of selective packaging waste collection in Széchenyiváros has been increased.

Of the group’s 47 islands laid out in 2012, only 14 remain today.the termination of which after the distribution of the above-mentioned containers can also be achieved by the fact that negotiations are already underway for the collection of waste glass. The deputy mayor concluded his message.

Representatives discussed the questioning of Josa Balint in more detail at the public meeting on February 16. Józsa did not accept the deputy mayor’s answer. “For several months, the selective collection container has not reached the apartment buildings.” – explained the actor.

Szemerene Klaudia Pataki The mayor asked him to specify the exact locations so that the city administration could look into the problem. The council approved the Deputy Mayor’s written response to the questioning by 12 votes in favor and 7 no.

the “undi trash heaps” Kubio waste containers introduced in February can also help eliminate them. Kecskemét Városüzemeltetesi Nonprofit Kft. So far 4 Kubio containers in the city, where the employees of the general hygiene group can collect the garbage collected on the street. If you move to Széchenyiváros from the promised Kubio containers and selective collection containers, the surroundings of kindergartens, nurseries and other institutions can be much cleaner.

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Kubio rubbish bin on Katona József tér / Photo: Kecskeméti Városüzemeltetesi Nonprofit Kft. Facebook page

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