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Will there be a collaboration on Marvel's Wolverine? What is Insomniac Games hiding from Spider-Man?

Will there be a collaboration on Marvel's Wolverine?  What is Insomniac Games hiding from Spider-Man?

In the end, Sony studio, which was the victim of a ransomware attack, will not be left out of the end of the year either.

On Reddit, a user named Visceral analyzed the leaked code of Marvel's Wolverine. There are hints in this that synchronize two agents, which would only make sense if used in a multiplayer environment (otherwise it would be meaningless). This will be the respective code and comment (last after //):

// Need to perform a slower check for each client still connected to see if it has already been asked to do a loop operation for( ClientIterator itr = g_ClientManager.GetIterator(); itr.Loop(); itr.Next() )

uint32_t client_index = itr.GetClient()—>GetClientIndex(); uint32_t client_mask = 1 «client_index; if( (m_HeroesWarpedRequest &client_mask) != 0 && (m_HeroesWarpedResponse &client_mask) == 0 )

/We have reached a customer who is still connected and has been asked to perform a warp operation but has not yet responded;

// Set the deployment matrix if both players are to move to the same location

The code is out of the PC version in development, and it's also in a somewhat early state, because according to the leak, it will only come to PlayStation 5 in the fall of 2026, not 2025, since Insomniac Games is also working on a standalone Venom game (largely on the scale of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales). But who will Farkas collaborate with? Presumably it will be with Spider-Man, but we can't rule out another member of the X-Men as well, because according to leaks, Insomniac is also planning with them for 2030 (and they're already planning a sequel for 2033).

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But Sony has exclusive rights to the X-Men IP until 2035, so it can plan something beyond that. We've already written about what Insomniac Games might do, but it's probably worth getting ready for more Marvel stuff. It will be two years since the studio's alleged release of Marvel's X-Men 2, and we can expect a new IP between the two installments. Perhaps following Spider-Man's example, something will be made of an X-Men character (Cyclone/Storm (several names were used here as well)? Cyclops? Deadpool?).

So we can expect exciting things if the studio sticks to the leak.

source: WCCFTech, GameRant

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