Will the Valve Index’s successor be a standalone VR headset?

TECH NEWS – Released on Steam VR valve Concept files for a potentially AMD-powered wireless headset codenamed “Deckard”. Seems to be the future, independent helmets.

a valvemay be another VR . headset She has plans after the excellent index, but this time she could be a completely independent party. The Quest Oculus Like virtual reality headphones a Blade Runner Maybe ‘DeckardIt appears from the codename that the helmet will use its own processor, battery, and internal tracking solutions, not Computerdevices inside.

Rumors spread on its wings after Youtube Brad Lynch That friend told me, “m3gagluk“Discover Steam VR The folders have a suspicious icon name hidden in the Lighthouse driver file. These are derived from input profile references and proof of concept (POC) consists of files illustrating this “Valve has redesigned Deckard over the past year to work with Steam VR” Lynch says.

There was some skepticism about the discovery, but with wireless headphone patents coming out in March — another patented strap that includes a pair of Wi-Fi receivers — that will likely become a reality.

talk a The VergeIn an interview with e Valve Product Designer Greg Comer He clarified that the semi-dedicated AMD processor used in Steam Deck also has great potential for use in a standalone VR headset, noting: “It will perform well in the environment with the necessary TDP…this is very important to us and our future plans.”

potentially very important. Although what kind of VR gaming platform such a headset will run is already a more difficult question. The Oculus Quest 2 You play your own game bundle from your own store, while titles offered through Steam VR usually require more powerful PC components to function perfectly.

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Either way, as more information was added recently, indicating a third iteration of Deckard’s proof-of-concept, it seems increasingly likely that LED indicator His successor can be seen in the photo.

This is very exciting, especially because with the great specs of the original Index, it has quickly made its way into the ranks of the best VR headsets. wireless AMDA standalone version with a PC that can even work connected to a PC will definitely be a welcome member of the family. This discovery puts more emphasis on making the future of VR potentially dominated by standalone headsets and moving away from PC-based virtual reality.

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