Will the financial dispute be resolved?  Canada relaunch -

Will the financial dispute be resolved? Canada is back in the field –

Canada’s national soccer team will take to the field on Thursday in their Regional Nations League match against Curacao after financial disagreements He did not stand against Panama on Sundayfor the friendly match also organized in Vancouver, according to MTI.

Canada returns to the field (Photo: AFP)

The home team informed Al-Ittihad a few hours before the match that they would not be playing. The players have been in conflict with the organization since March, wanting, among other things, to improve their conditions and those of their female colleagues. They demand 40 percent of the participation fees in the World Cup, in addition to covering their travel expenses related to the national team, a similar salary for the players of the women’s national team, and the development of the women’s tournament, as they demand. The work of the association should be more transparent.

On Monday, the team started training again, and the plan is for the two sides to continue negotiations in the future.

The federation announced on Tuesday: With the footballers, we are delighted to meet the fans again.

The Canadian national team reached the World Cup finals again after 1986, in which Qatar, Belgium, Morocco and Croatia will be their group competitions.

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