Will the Daily Sur sports complex finally have a regular tenant?  - Debrecen news, Debrecen news |  Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar news

Will the Daily Sur sports complex finally have a regular tenant? – Debrecen news, Debrecen news | Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar news

Will the Daily Sur sports complex finally have a regular tenant?

Debrecen – The previous tenant did not carry out his plans and did not pay the rent, so the city reclaimed the Daily Sur Sports Center. The new application has been published.

The local government has announced a new rental tender for the Daily Sur Sports Centre. The tender stipulated that the area could be rented exclusively for sports activities, and the minimum rent would be 120,000 Swiss francs + VAT per month. The lease continues until December 31, 2028, if there is a tender winner Available here.

In 2013, the municipality of Debrecen took over the 6000 m² sports facility, formerly owned by MÁV, located near Nagyállomás, on the Déli row, free of charge from the state, on the condition that it could not be sold for 15 years and that it could only be used for sporting purposes. . The area is now completely empty, with only a fence on it.

In 2016, the Owners Committee of the General Assembly decided to search for a tenant for the sports facility through a tender. Several rounds were run before the applicant was Abamix Mixx Kft. from Depressin.

According to Abamix Mixx Kft. He plans to use the property in cooperation with the Start Amateur Sports Association and the Debrecen Speedway Sports Association.

According to one visual plan, this is what the gym would have looked like

Their development ideas included realizing a 50 x 30m synthetic turf soccer field, a 40 x 23m synthetic turf training pitch, an artificial turf tennis court, a clay tennis court, a health section and a modern fitness park.

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A changing room and office containers were to be erected on the property, and the company also wanted to carry out full public works on the property. In addition to the above, the development ideas for Abamix Mixx Kft also included the construction of a sauna, rest area and buffet.

Work started in Spring 2018, but they haven’t made much progress

Work began in the spring of 2018 in the region. said the owner of Abamix Mixx Kft. For Dehir.hu at that time,

Ispotály VIP Sports Club is being created with about one hundred million forints.

Seventy percent of the costs would have been covered by EU funds with a thirty percent discount.

The investment is planned to be implemented in two phases. In the first phase, they wanted to create and open an artificial turf field, two tennis courts and a changing room by summer 2018. In the second phase, by the spring of 2019, they wanted to complete the central building, health department and fitness court.

However, nothing came of it, the investment was practically stopped after a few weeks of preparatory work.

The company had difficulties, among other things, they could not complete the renovation of a nursery school in Debrecen by the deadline, so the municipality terminated the contract with them. Several enforcement actions have been initiated against Abamix Mixx Kft, which has been in liquidation since November 2019.

The Debrecen Mayor’s Office had informed Deheer about this earlier

“The tenant has rent arrears, and has not started using the property for sporting purposes, so the lease was terminated by the DMJV Self-Government in February 2019.”

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There are many residential buildings near the sports complex, and the Új Ispotály Residential Park is built next to it, so there will definitely be a demand for sports club services.

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