Will Starfield only appear on Xbox Series X?


According to the latest rumors, the mysterious new Bethesda role-playing and sci-fi game will only be available on Microsoft devices as well as computers, with PlayStation players still in trouble.

2018/5/5 15:32 | Jerig | Category: Game

As is known, A. Microsoft Bought last year BethesdaT, but then everyone involved spoke about the fact that this will not affect the already running studio projects. In other words, everyone was reassured that innovations like the long-awaited Elder Scrolls VI or the mysterious novelty (the studio was on the verge of developing a new brand after 25 years), Starfield It will also appear on all major platforms.

Well, the new news that just arrived is about something else. If you can only believe the rumors for now, those who voted for the PlayStation 5 could give up Starfield. The game will only be available for Xbox Series X as part of the Xbox Game Pass in addition to a PC. Although there is no official confirmation yet, this can be indicated by the fact that Microsoft will focus more on Xbox Game Pass in the future, and the service can be promoted more effectively by filling it with as much exclusive, great content as possible. And Starfield might be a perfect fit for that, although you can still tell almost anything about the game itself.

However, on behalf of Bethesda Todd Howard I’ve previously talked about not being able to imagine The Elder Scrolls VI or Starfield being an exclusive console. Either way, the game is scheduled to be shown to the prominent characters this summer, but it remains unknown when it will appear. ■

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