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WILD Tactics is a strategy game set in the world of Chicken Police

WILD Tactics is a strategy game set in the world of Chicken Police

the Chicken police The host team The Wild Gentlemen became known for their noir adventure game. Although approx. It's an independent studio with twenty employees who, for the past year and a half, has been bombarded with game announcements. It was announced in January last year Retro Space Ghost Shooter Horror Game Then it turned out that they wanted to make more games in the world of hounds. The first was published in the fall Zep Cafe became, but it was also announced that the chicken police would continue.

In January, it was revealed that there will be another detective adventure, Moses and Plato – last train to Clauville Titled, and now new news has arrived, this time about a work of a completely different kind, which is… Ground tacticson. Besides, the home team is developing four matches at the same time.

WILD Tactics is also set in the World of Wilderness universe, meaning the characters are anthropomorphic animals, but this time we get a tactical turn-based strategy game similar to XCOM. The composition of our team plays an important role as an interesting element of the game: it does not matter who we pair with among the 12 available heroes, the relationship between the characters can change as we progress. We can see five of them in the first clip so far.

The game takes place in the Wilderness, a city also known in Chicken Police, which our team of former mercenaries, cops and villains must save. Although they are characters of different races and backgrounds, they must work together to build the base and recruit allies to put their house in order.

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During the various missions we also have to use the environment, for example, looking for a place to hide or hitting the enemy from above. Each hero also has unique abilities, and as the story unfolds, we learn about their backstory.

WILD Tactics is currently being created for PC, but other platforms are also planned. The developers have not yet determined the release date.


He was introduced to the ZX81 when he was about 8 years old, followed by the C64. Since 1993, he has worked for Commodore Village and its successors, as well as for ZED, and in 1998 he founded PC Dome with his friends. And the rest is history..

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