Why does Trump end the Pentagon?

Why does Trump end the Pentagon?

Nearly a week after Joe Biden won the 270 electoral votes needed to win, President Trump has yet to admit his defeat. Moreover, the GSA is receiving instructions from the White House Not giving Resources, offices, jobs, and access to ministries for the Biden team. The president-elect and vice president still do not receive the daily intelligence briefing. Hence, government business relocation simply does not go forward.


One of the undisputed developments in the global media is that the governments of many countries are still pushing Trump quietly, and some – such as Russia, Mexico, and Brazil – have yet to acknowledge the election result and thus have not congratulated Joe Biden. The tension in the British government is enormous over the Irish friendship between Biden against Brexit.

Moscow and Beijing are suspiciously watching a newcomer want to be held accountable for human rights. Saudi Arabia and Israel He is not asking for the Biden plan to reach a settlement with Iran. In Hungary, state media continues to weigh on uncertainty about the election result. Orban’s government does not want an American president in the middle of his back who holds the rule of law accountable and offers the ruling party’s covert cooperation with the Russian and Turkish oligarchy.

A photo of US Defense Secretary Mark Esper was taken at the White House in Washington on March 18, 2020, and replaced by President Donald Trump on November 9, 2020. (Photo: MTI / EPA / Kevin Dietsch gathering)

The uncertainty in Washington is only heightened by the fact that Trump not only replaced his Secretary of Defense this week, but also fired a senior intelligence and policy official at Pentagon 3 and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo further escalated the tension by jokingly saying, according to some explanations, “There will be.” A smooth transition between the current Trump administration and the second Trump administration. “

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