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Why does the English language play in the European Football Championship while the English language participate in the Olympics?

In the world of sports, it can be confusing in the minds of Britons to run under one flag at the Olympics, but not in football. For example, three separate national teams from the United Kingdom, namely England, Scotland and Wales, will be represented in the current European Football Championship.

“Since the beginning of international football, almost all of these countries have been around. If anyone has been watching English football for a while, they know that the FA website is called, so it’s a tradition. The Olympics., where Great Britain was Always a member, this mainly causes complications in the team matches, since a joint team must be formed in the Olympic football tournament, which brought a rather special solution to the London Olympics,” said Gabor Elbert, former president of the Hungarian Football Association.

And we should not forget that, according to “accepted historiography”, the English invented football – and

The first Scottish-English football match was held in 1872, while the FIFA was formed only in 1904, the World Cup has existed since 1930, and the World Cup since 1960 -,

Thus, it is clear that their secession and independence will always be emphasized, even in a rule-making commission, the separate British states.

“That hardly changes in football, but there will be no change in the Olympics either, although I can imagine that there,” Gabor Elbert added.

If we look for the Hungarian side of the issue, then the Austro-Hungarian monarchy still existed in the 1904 Olympics, yet Austria-Hungary started separately, as well as in football, which is why the expert says that

“Tradition is the deciding factor in everything.”

Gabor Elbert continued: “This is very true, while the International Olympic Committee has 206 countries, FIFA has 211. The United Nations is only 193. Football has always been at the forefront of these issues, not all countries are recognized.” Perhaps FIFA or UEFA will be the first to host Kosovo as an independent team, there has always been an conceivable match for Catalonia.”

In addition to tradition, Gábor Elbert also contributes to the fact that international sports organizations are trying to go their own way, they have their own history.

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