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Why does it hurt so bad when you step on a LEGO brick?

Why does it hurt so bad when you step on a LEGO brick?

That’s why it pays to take a good look around the children’s room before risking your life to wander through it.

One day, in the midst of my usual evening YouTube excursions, I came across an interesting video, the title of which in English can be translated into Hungarian as follows:20 things are more painful than childbirthThe content is purely scientific, every point is well and thoroughly explained, but I’ve been struggling with one thing ever since:

Is stepping on LEGO bricks really worse than giving birth?

As this was also a point in the video, which states bloody danger, small LEGO pieces can cause much more pain than giving life normally. Since I, as a man, will never be a part of the latter, I’d rather not turn to this street now, but it’s already a very interesting subject and puzzle, why would it hurt so badly if we unquestionably run into one of the LEGO traps that are all over the kid’s room?!

And there really is a scientific explanation for that!

The human body is a huge mystery, but we have known for thousands of years what its most sensitive parts are. For example, it is not a good idea to subject our genitals to significant trauma, and the same is certainly true of the bottom of our feet, the soles of our feet. The man very quickly realized that although he used this part of his body most of the time, it might be worth providing him with an extra layer of protection so that he would not scream as he wandered into the woods looking for some kind of food.

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Our surprisingly soft soles are full of nerve endings, and up to 200,000 unique sensory receptors can ensure that our brain receives the correct information about walking and the environment. And these receptors really feel everything: cold and warm, but even the smallest touches, which is why we laugh so much when someone starts to tickle us. (The Romans also experienced tickle torment.)

Perhaps that is why we find the performers so interesting, gracefully walking through all sorts of seemingly dangerous objects, such as fire and embers or shards of glass. What is even more interesting is that it is said that the LEGO brick can cause more severe and sharp pain than this one. This was also said by Scott Bell, the holder of Fire and Glass in the Guinness Book of Records He has already spoken, who explained that walking over glowing blocks does no harm because hot embers conduct heat very slowly and the amount of time our feet are in contact with them is too short to cause any harm. Shattered glass may look intimidating, but pieces that have been prepared and placed on a smooth surface do no harm when they come in contact with our feet, because the glass continues to push and flatten, and human weight is evenly distributed over the many possible sharp points.

Come now! As is well known, LEGO bricks do not operate according to the physical laws of this world. At least it can seem so, even if hot coals and glass can cause excruciating pain to a man. Indeed, there is no mystery or magic here:

LEGO bricks are made of ABS plastic, which is a very strong, highly durable and incredibly resistant thermopolymer plastic.

the Smithsonian According to him, one or two pieces can be so hard that they reach approximately 4240 Newtons. He can withstand 430 kilograms of pressure without tears, which is a “slightly” more serious feat than crushing a stubborn biceps nut. This in turn also means that the little pieces of plastic are not deformed at any level by the weight of the human body, thanks to which 100% of the force applied to them is directed sharply at our feet, which are stuffed with unfortunate nerve endings.

Multiply this by the number of LEGO sharp corners sticking out, and after torture in the children’s room, we can already make a coffin.

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