Why do we need a bigger iPhone?

It’s still a little early for iPhone 16 Pro Max rumors, but a rendered image has surfaced that shows the increase in size.

Apple plans ahead, so we used to see a lot of leaks about its products, and not just the next models, but the models that follow as well. This means that they have been talking about the iPhone 16 Pro Max (Ultra?) for some time, which will bring a larger screen compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max itself.

iPhone 16 Pro Max or UltraSource: 9to5Mac

Pictures have already been submitted as well were found One of the best devices of the next couple of years, so you can see how the dimensions of the already massive top model can be increased even further. The 6.9-inch screen will be taller than wide, but still wider than the current screen. So the iPhone 16 Ultra could be 77.2mm wide instead of 76.7mm, which completely limits usability. Instead of 159.8 mm, the height of this model will be 165 mm.

The iPhone 16 Pro will undergo a similar increase in size, presumably to accommodate the periscope camera. However, this will already be the case on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, so it is mysterious why the dimensions of the largest model would need to be increased. Of course, a sixteenth series is still a long way off, so it’s a shame to take anything for granted.

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