Why do cats love to interrupt our game? We also have some tips for you to take it apart…

Cats have a reason to engage consoles and consoles while playing and this is largely related to their personality.

If you have a cat, you are already familiar with all its features. If you want to grow a bed, they will go crazy for us while they are playing with the sheets. If you want to dress elegantly, you will find dozens of hairs attached to your clothes. And if you want to play a video game, they appear at some point to confuse you. While this habit is both cute and frustrating at the same time, a study has now revealed that our pets have a reason to behave this way: They want a little attention from their owner.

The answer to this eternal question is bible gaming portal He sought out and had a conversation with Sally Chamberlain, who studies cat behavior. According to the expert, it turns out that “Cats become attached to their owners and want to be with them at times, often interfering with what their owners are doing to get our attention.” In addition, the written game book added two factors that make a video game environment an ideal place for a cat: it must be a warm place and the animal must feel safe.

According to Chamberlain, “Electrical equipment is always warm and keyboards and controls can be a fun game for a cat, especially when the cat sees it being used with a quick movement of its owner’s hands and fingers.”

However, there may be another explanation that is equally logical. Knowing that cats are known to be selfish, the reason they are getting into the game may be that they expect some attention: “If their master does something, it can make them think that it must be a good thing that gives them a reward. The cat wants to join in so he can also benefit from the activity.”

Whatever the reason for the two choices, our video game activity sure can be fun for cats too, so they may never stop interrupting to get a little attention or get something in return. In this sense, the expert suggests that there should be a stand on the table or a separate keyboard so that the cat can think that it is also part of the game, while leaving us at ease with play. Alternatively, it may also be helpful to reward the cat when it is in its own “zone,” giving the feeling that the cat is where it is.

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Source: The gaming bible

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