Who Pays for Boris Johnson's $6 Million Vacation?

Who Pays for Boris Johnson’s $6 Million Vacation?

Even on his luxurious vacation in 2019, the Parliamentary Ethics Commissioner is investigating the British Prime Minister.

When Boris Johnson won the election in December 2019, he felt he deserved a little rest, so he and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds traveled to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ private island in the Caribbean, Mustiquera.

Photo: AFP

The British Prime Minister was so lucky that he did not have to pay for the holiday of 15,000 pounds, more than six million forints, if we believe him. According to the rules of the British Parliament, these gifts must be sent by the Prime Minister to the members.

As reported by Sky News WroteJohnson claims the leave was paid for by a conservative donor, David Ross, but a Ross spokesperson initially denied this. It is true that he has since sought to clarify this and refer to the holiday as a kind feature, justifying the Prime Minister’s statement before Parliament.

Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner said in the news:

Another day, another investigation into the suspicious cases of Boris Johnson.

The opposition leader emphasized that the public had the right to know who paid for the prime minister’s luxury vacation, and most importantly what he got for his generosity. He also highlighted that conservative supporters have received a number of government mandates over the past year.

Finally, he urged Boris Johnson not to use his office to fund his luxurious lifestyle and enrich his friends.

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