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Who is the real Anna Sorokin the Netflix series is about?

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In recent weeks, the Netflix series, Behind the Mask of the Heiress, based on a true story, has kept viewers in limbo, many wondering who the real Anna Sorokin is and what happened to her. This is what we followed!

Anna Delphiwho really Anna Sorokinac He was only 25 years old when he formulated a polished plan to extort money from the wealthy in New York. To deceive them, he pretended to be a German billionaire heir, and in 2016 hurt those who believed his story with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The real Anna Sorokin, the Netflix hit series is about

This well-organized cheat has been tackled by the latest Netflix mini-series which is for The real Anna Sorokin A huge return (almost 100 million forints!). The new series is very popular, and the fees for success go to the victims: Anna spent more than half of the money on settling her debts and almost a quarter on paying state fines.

The real Anna Sorokin, only 31 years old, a New York times journalists He recently lamented: IAM sorry for what happened He saidA. Then he added some explanations:- at one BBCto In one particular interview, I was asked if the crime paid off, and forced to say yes because I got paid by Netflix for what I did.

The young girl decided to hide in the skin of Anna Delphi for several years and pretend to be a rich German heiress. Between 2013 and 2017, not only did he push people with a lot of money through their noses, he also damaged banks, hotels, and financial experts. He reached out to get paid for luxury travel, dined in fine restaurants and received wonderful gifts.

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However, he was arrested in 2017 and convicted of eight charges in 2019 and sentenced to prison. He was released in February 2021, but only 6 weeks later the problem with the law re-emerged with the expiration of his visa.

Although he said right after the verdict he said he didn’t mind at all deceiving people, now, after a few years, he realized he had made a mistake. “Commissioner vs.Minds that the world would be a worse place if people started following my example. At the same time, I do not see much benefit from imprisonment, I think it was just a waste of time. While I was inside, I took a cooking course, I think it says a lot about how I was treatedExplained in more detail.

Who is the Dirty John sociopath who made the hit Netflix series?

Many people wonder what they think of the series about him: My real story is so much more than what’s on screen, and I want people to know that, and I’m really working hard on it: another documentary, book, and podcast are in the works. Of course, my goal is not to encourage people to commit crime, but rather to show what I’ve learned – without portraying fraud and deception by others in a good way.

Anna’s girlfriend is given a fancy name Chase in the series, but her real person is obscured. The real Anna was not shy about revealing the man’s identity, so she asked for $10,000 in return. Until you get that amount, we have to be aware of the fact that his love regularly gives lectures at TED conferences and deals with future research. Their relationship lasted for two years, after which the guy broke up after the guy moved to the United Arab Emirates.

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