Who is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Europeans?

Who is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Europeans?

The European Union is at least two months behind on a coronavirus vaccine compared to the United Kingdom. More than 130,000 people lost their lives in two months.

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V4NA news agency recalls in its compilation that the European Commission (EC) is under constant criticism for its failure to buy common vaccines from the EU.

As they wrote, at the end of March, it became clear that the European Union (EU) had a treaty on the procurement of the vaccine worse than the United Kingdom. Then British Health Secretary Matt Hancock in the Financial Times, in the treaties of the European Union, “the company has to do its best to perform, but our treaties are exclusive”.

Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca, made a similar statement Talk about it in an interviewThat the European Union, in fact, is to blame for the shortage of vaccines because they were contracted three months later, like the UK. The CEO also said that they made no commitment to the EU in the treaties. Since the island nation had signed a contract three months earlier, it was an advantage, and the terms of the transfer were also more transparent.

The European Commission has not denied that V4NA has a contract to buy a vaccine worse than the British contract. In response to their questions, they did not even try to deny that there were no guarantees or warranties that the manufacturer should have made.

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Brussels also found itself in an awkward position regarding the procurement of other vaccines, as member states were asked why shipments of different vaccines did not arrive on time and in the required quantities. It also happened when it turned out that the distribution was not proportional to the population.

Meanwhile, due to the unpredictability of vaccine shipments in the European Union and the slow pace of Brussels, more and more countries are switching to eastern vaccines as the vaccines purchased by the European Union are not moving at the right pace.

On April 11, 15.61 out of every 100 people in the European Union received at least the first dose of the vaccine. On the other hand, the UK has already crossed this level two months ago, on February 4th, From our world in data data.

In the interactive graph, you can also set the countries and time period you are interested in:

The data also revealed that between February 4 and April 11, 161,117 people died of coronavirus infection in the European Union.

So as many as 160,000 Europeans could have survived if the vaccine had arrived on time.

For the first time in the European Union, Hungary announced that it intends to purchase Chinese and Russian vaccines in addition to those that the European Union ordered from manufacturers during the joint purchase of vaccines.

Already on January 22, Hungary has purchased two million doses of the coronavirus vaccine from Russia. The Hungarian government was still heavily criticized for this move at the time, but since then, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Italy, among other countries, have begun negotiations to acquire Sputnik V.

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Speaking to Hungarian public media about the use of Russian and Chinese vaccines in Hungary, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said they made the right decision because they needed a different plan if the procurement policy in Brussels was wrong.

“Older people were life threatening, so let’s be honest: People couldn’t have said that people over 65, if they got this virus, had a chance of surviving it, so I was frustrated by that by racing against time to get their hands on it,” said Viktor Urban. : “Many lives could be saved every day, and lives could be saved with a vaccine.”

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski and the head of the Law and Justice Party strongly criticize the purchase of a vaccine from the European Union in an interview. He put it this way, the European Union failed and became unreliable because of the purchase of vaccines.

These mistakes that occurred when the contracts were concluded call for retaliation. It is as if children are sitting in the place of negotiators, which is why we are paying today, because there will be many, many people being vaccinated in Poland if they do not make mistakes.”

Kaczynski said.

He stressed that they could be much closer to the end of the pandemic, and not only the health of many people, but also lives.

Cover photo: A healthcare worker takes care of a patient with coronavirus in a French hospital

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