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Who cares about freedom when there is a promise of security and livelihood?

Who cares about freedom when there is a promise of security and livelihood?

It is difficult to notice the trap, even the pigeons do not succeed.

The office building, where the editorial office also works, has an inner courtyard open from above. It can be relaxing, but a bathroom that moved in decades ago spoils it, so those who can avoid it.

Recently, a pigeon trap appeared in a corner of the yard. A cage that is easy to get into, but impossible to get out of. Specialists sprinkle corn in the middle and put water in a can.

This is where our real story begins.

On Thursday afternoon, there was one pigeon in the cage. It was left there on purpose, according to the porter, it is a decoy pigeon. His task is to show the pigeons still free outside that this is a really good place.

There is always food and water, and you don’t have to do anything for it. We are protected, no one and nothing can harm us. That’s right, we can’t fly, we can only move about half a square meter, but why do we need more? It’s pretty good the way it is, let’s be thankful for that.

By Friday morning, there were already two pigeons in the cage, and the message seemed to have hit its mark.

In two, corn is also tastier

Josef Szilágyi (phone photo)

Then a dove appeared, still free. At first he looked for nibblers in the yard, but he didn’t find much there, and he nibbled closer and closer to the snare.

He noticed that there were some ears of corn within reach of the cage from the outside, so he decided to take advantage of this opportunity. The other two pigeons watched him understandingly and calmly from the far corner of the cage.

Our pigeon moved closer and closer to the trap door, and hung its head slightly, but it still hesitated. However, he seemed very attracted to the mound of corn inside, and then there were the other two pigeons, who seemed to be quiet, well-fed and enjoying themselves.

Pigeons in the cage

Approaching the door

Josef Szilágyi (phone photo)

I let the drama unfold in the yard alone for a little while, after over an hour I looked into the bathroom. I confess, I did not expect such a quick result, because there were already three pigeons sitting in the cage.

Pigeons in the cage

We are fine and safe

Josef Szilágyi (phone photo)

The promise of safety, quiet, and easy availability of food and drink won out. So who cares about freedom? At least we don’t have to move our wings. The net does not keep us inside, but everything else outside, thanks to whomever protects us from everything.

They do not yet know that the pigeons come in the evening and empty the cage. Because other pigeons that live freely need space.

The relevance of the story to today’s Hungarian society is nothing but coincidental.

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